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  A/R Calculator Results Current System Claimtronics A/R Services
A. Number of uncollected accounts annually
B. Average outstanding balance to the nearest dollar $ $
C. Total annual outstanding amount $ $
D. Average percent of money collected 14% 41%
E. Revenue collected from outstanding accounts $ $
F. Average cost to collect each account 34% 5%
G. Total annual cost to collect accounts $ $
H. Net gain using Claimtronics A/R Services   $

Your calculated additional revenue of $ annually gives you a general idea of additional revenue using Claimtronics A/R Services. It does not take into account the additional savings you will achieve by not having to manage collections internally. Also, because Claimtronics A/R Services does not alienate your patients, you don’t lose them. This calculation does not take into account the extra revenue you’ll get when those patients return for new services versus losing them from your practice if you turn them over to a collections agency.

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