Dental Billing

Real-Time Dental Billing

The efficient management of time and the ability to give unhindered healthcare service that makes patient care a focal point of their practice is every healthcare professional’s goal. But the complications and intricacies that are involved with dental billing can eventually take up a big chunk of your time, resulting in your practice and revenue being slowed down. Outsourcing this complex task would be a time-saving and wise business decision.
Claimtronics Real-Time Dental Billing is a great solution. A web-based system that works in real-time and can add huge benefits to your practice.

Dental Billing Solutions That We Provide


Dental Coding

Sending bills to insurance companies using CDT code.


Patient Billing and Follow up

Claimtronics Real-Time Dental Billing prepares and generates patient bills so that they can be emailed to the patients on time. The services also include follow-ups to insurance companies for reimbursement claims, and to patients after their visit. The feedback is gathered from the patient by sending emails or text messages as required.


Patient Registration

Maintaining records for the healthcare provider by registering the name and identity of patients along with the details of the services rendered to the patient. 


Eligibility and Authorization Prior to Procedures

A complete verification of coverage and benefits that are provided to the patient by the insurance company and completing the eligibility verification process before the patient's visit.


Cash Payment Posting

Maintaining a detailed log of insurance payments EOBs, insurance checks from ERAs, and payments made by patients.  


Secure and Private Healthcare Data 

Data is stored in two physical locations in secure, HIPAA-compliant facilities.

Claimtronics Real-Time Dental Billing relieves you from the hassle of billing headaches, maintenance fees, licensing fees, upgrade fees you don’t have to purchase any hardware or software, data is secure and accessible 24/7. You decide who gets to see or use any aspect of the application, easily retrievable data, and no need to restrict productivity to one location along with online collaboration with associates and other professionals, you may also interact remotely with financial and business advisors and completely automated daily back up making it a system that works in real-time.



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