Practice Management

Practice Management System

Accepting and settling the claims within no time is a good sign of a successful and profitable business. If you want to achieve the same, Claimtronics is here to help you maintain a rapid cash flow and ensure that you require less working capital to operate. We also extend services for proven business solutions such as, web-based billing, EHR interoperability, web-based OPMS, etc. that can boost your revenue.

Managing healthcare is an expensive and exhausting practice. As the focus will be on patient care, administrative, or accounting and billing process are considered secondary. With the administrative team onboard, ensuring an efficient practice management system is a challenge. A medical practice management system is a crucial tool that manages day-to-day operations, such as appointment scheduling, billing, and other administrative tasks.

How does the Practice Management System of Claimtronics help?

Appointment Scheduling

Our practice management system allows the staff to book and manage schedules across multiple providers, locations, and days. It helps with the real-time insight of providers’ availability and allows them to schedule the appointments without any conflict or overlap bookings. Additionally, the system allows you to send reminders to patients via email or text messages to reduce their chances of no-shows.


Organizing Patient Data

Through our practice management system, you can quickly enter and access patient information, extensive clinical data, etc. The information that can be easily retrieved includes the patient’s name, address, contact number, date of birth, and insurance provider, along with medical history, previous medications, and more. It is an automated tool to verify a patient’s insurance coverage before the patient’s visit.


Billing and Claims Processing

Our practice management system helps in preparing billing statements and electronic claims as per patient encounters. The system is so designed that it can identify conflicting information that would lead to payment delays. The staff members are alerted in the form of notification for errors, claims delays, or overdue payments.



Practice management helps in preparing analytics on the efficiency of physicians and their staff to understand their performance. It provides comprehensive data on various aspects of healthcare such as no-shows of the patient, staff productivity, claim reimbursement constraints, accounts receivable for claims, and many more.



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