Remote Management

Remote Management

Remote management is the key to hassle-free medical practice. In today’s growing and highly competitive healthcare sector, taking care of a successful medical practice along with having to supervise, billing claims, and other behind-the-scenes administrative work can be a gruelling task for any medical practitioner. This is where remote management plays a very important role. We at Claimtronics offer a wide range of remote management services that ensure an increase in financial growth but also help you save on billing equipment and software costs. Our professional managerial services help you in making patient care a priority.


Claimtronics Remote Management Services 

Latest and Advanced Healthcare Technology

Our remote management services consist of the latest automated tools that are available in healthcare technology, which enables you to stay updated with the progressive industry. This helps remove and reduce billing errors. Ensuring the claims have no coding errors or incorrect information before being submitted to the insurance companies.


Billing Services And Revenue Cycle Management

Highly resourceful billing services, useful for a variety of requirements, such as credentialing, medical coding, contracting, overall auditing, and other such tasks. Our integrated revenue cycle management service reduces medical billing inefficiencies. Helping your practice avail a significant increase of cash flow.


Client Support And Real -Time-Tracking


Remote management services, that extend support and expertise to clients and deliver services as per the client's requirements. Transactions are tracked in real-time, meaning all transactions are recorded as and when they happen, which is made possible by our advanced software. Enabling you to access your financial status at all times.


Integrated Systems

Our Integrated Software that speeds up the claim process. Utilizing your current claim submission system reviewing the claims, before they are submitted to avoid administrative errors.


Denial Management

Our denial management team offers remote services that include Accounts Receivable follow-ups, recognizing the reasons for denied claims, and putting in place strategies that assure on-time payments. Your employees do not need to go through denied claims as our team is dedicated to these activities. 


Compliant Services 

Claimtronics remote management services are compliant with HIPAA rules and regulations, and the latest healthcare laws. Our quality services are transparent allowing you to customize critical data reporting safely and securely.



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