Claimtronics Patient Payment

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Claimtronics  Patient Payment Enter Your  Numbers
A. Number of outstanding accounts annually 125 125
B. Average outstanding balance $450 $450
C. Total amount of money left outstanding annually $56,250 $56,250  
D. Percentage of outstanding money never collected 40% 2% %
E. Annual lost revenue from non-collected accounts $22,500 $1,125  
F. Additional revenue due to Claimtronics Patient Payment $21,375  

Number of patients rejected due to credit risk who would

have qualified under Claimtronics Patient Payment

36 0
H. Average amount of money billed to each new patient $600 $600
I. Revenue loss due to rejected patients $21,600 $0  
J. Additional revenue from credit risk patients $21,600  
K. Additional revenue from Claimtronics Patient Payment   $42,975