Claimtronics Real-Time Billing

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  • These calculators are intended to give a general idea of savings and revenue potential using Claimtronics services.
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Savings Calculator National Average Paper Filing National Average Electronic Filing Enter Your Numbers
A. Number of insurance claims per year 6,250 6,250    
B. Average amount per claim to the nearest dollar $225 $225 $
C. Total annual insurance billing $1,406,250 $1,406,250  
D. Percentage of claims rejected 22% 1%    %
E. Number of claims rejected 1,375 63  
F. Amount of money in claims rejected $309,375 $14,175  
G. Percent rejected claims never recovered 40% 40% 40%
H. Total amount of money never collected $123,750 $5,670  
I. Savings (additional revenue)   $118,080