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Our Services

Claimtronics Real-Time Billing Fully-outsourced real-time medical claims filing and EHR solution.
Claimtronics Practice Management A suite of services that increases revenue and lowers management burden.
A/R Calculator National Average Collection Agency Claimtronics A/R Services Enter Your Numbers
A. Number of uncollected accounts annually 100 100
B. Average outstanding balance to the nearest dollar $350 $350
C. Total annual outstanding amount $35,000 $35,000
D. Average percent of money collected 14% 41% 41%
E. Revenue collected from outstanding accounts $4,900 $14,350
F. Average cost to collect each account 34% 5%
G. Total annual cost to collect accounts $1,666 $718
H. Net gain using Claimtronics A/R Services $10,399